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Sean Durkin has resided full time in Abadiania, Goias, Brazil, since 2004, where he is a group leader, medium and son of the Casa Dom Inacio. Sean provides professional Spiritual Healing Consulting services and volunteer support for visitors to the Casa Dom Inacio.

Sean trained in and practiced gentle, safe spiritual healing services starting in 1993, after many years working in high technology electronics research.

Sean uses his years of experience at the Casa as well as his knowledge, training and experience in spiritual healing modalities from all over the world in his consulting and volunteer services.

Sean's Comments

As a healing facilitator, my principal function is to provide a safe, loving space for you, through the infinite power of the Creator, to heal at all levels - Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit. It is essential for success to do your part, your 50%. Surrender to the Process, and do not give up.

No better place demonstrates and implements this than the work at the Casa Dom Inacio in Abadiania, Goias, Brazil. Here I use my many years of experience at the Casa and my varied training and experience to support each person's healing process.

Using the healing philosophies I have learned from my teachers and my experience at the Casa, I encourage Your Being to allow and support the good health that is natural for you. This is a joint process, demanding cooperation and compliance by the subject as well as the incredibly powerful work of the entities. As such, I assist my clients in a focussed visit to the Casa, and support them in the sometimes confusing guidance and interpretations as they progress before, during and after their stay here.

All of this is truly a letting go process for both you and for me.

A note of caution - It is very important that one avoids thinking that a particular form of treatment is what is needed. Thus, thinking, for example, that one MUST HAVE a spiritual intervention to heal can set you up to subconsciously block your healing if you are not given that form of treatment. God and the benevolent entities know what you need at any moment much better than we do.

Though many in the West associate effective healing techniques with dramatic, deeply physical healing modalities - and these are sometimes necessary as part of the process - I believe that the subtle processes are powerfully effective while avoiding the creation of further pain, relapses or other health issues commonly called side-effects. Side-effects are inevitable when one attacks problems rather than promotes health through love, minimally intrusive healing processes and the power of Spirit.

REMEMBER: All of the work here is complementary to your "Western" healing modalities, such as medical treatments, all of which you should continue unless altered by your medical practitioners.

The processes, appropriately applied, also effect more rapid and more effective tolerance of recovery from other medical procedures, addictions and emotional trauma (consciously known and unknown) without adversely impacting other treatment processes.

Sean's other work in Abadiania:

He continues to work on his new book, The Healing Hypothesis,which presents a concept for the intensely inter-connected intervention paths that should be addressed for optimal healing, which in turn leads to the need for a partnership between the client and the practitioner for highest effectiveness.

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