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Sean's Healing Techniques

NOTE: Due to the subtlety of the Casa Dom Inacio healing process, no alternative therapies are currently offered in Abadiania. Sean applies his extensive training and experience in the below modalities as an adjunct to his knowledge of the Casa process, only to aid in the guidance and support of individuals in his groups. No one participating in the Casa process is allwed to give or receive other work unless with the express, direct permission of the entity - which is rarely given.
Guided by the mystical wisdom of his spirit guides, Sean employs Brazilian Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Massage, Reiki, Clarity Breathwork™ and other powerful techniques in his Healing Sessions. Sean also teaches individuals and small groups Reiki and advanced energy and spiritual healing practices. His training and practice include techniques from various modalities including:
  • Massagem Espiritual - Spiritual Massage (Combining Ancient Chinese Energy Healing, channeled by a Brazilian psychic, with Spiritist connection to Divine Healing Entities)
  • Reiki (Japan)
  • Spiritual Healing or Light-Body Infusion (Brazil)
  • Pranic Healing (Philippines)
  • Clarity Breathwork™ - A Transformational Healing Process
  • Elements of Traditional Balinese Healing, Polarity Therapy, Quantum Touch, Feldenkrais and Zero Balancing.

Sean begins each session by connecting both with his spiritual guides and the client, and inviting their full participation. He varies the techniques he uses in each session to suit each client's needs based on the guidance he receives during the sessions, and his training. No medical diagnosis is needed or provided.

Sean's work directly and safely affects the client's Chi (Ki in Japanese) and by Divine Guidance goes to the Source of the Problem to Stimulate the Healing Process. Chi in the Oriental concept is Life Force Energy, which might be likened to The Holy Spirit or Breath of Life in Western Spiritual Traditions. Chi must be present in each living being, balanced and freely flowing to effect good health - Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.

Sean's Selected Thoughts on Healing

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