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Whatever you do, do with love."
Entity Dr. Augusto de Almeida

Love is the driving philosophy at Casa de Dom Inacio. Unconditonal love - the essential ingredient in true healing.

Local Guide Service,
Tours & Photo Visits to John of God
arranged on an as needed basis
(Sean Resides in Abadiania)
please click here for details and costs

If you want or need healing of body, mind, psyche or spirit or any combination, please join me for a journey to John of God and the Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil, where the all knowing Spirits offer healing using means and results that are beyond human understanding. I provide the support and guidance you need to get maximum benefit from your participation in the miraculous healing processes of the Casa and the work of John of God and the healing entities. As a Son and Medium and official guide of the Casa since 2004, I have pledged to follow the Casa rules as deifned by The Entity, the Casa guidelines and to help others.

thank you, Joao

Our customized trip to the Casa de Dom Inacio typically includes 12 nights in the small village of Abadiania, Goias, near the national capital, Brasilia. This village has accommodations and a philosophy befitting your healing process. Many of the lodging and restaurant owners volunteer at the Casa as well as operate their inns.

I provide support and guidance as you prepare for your journey, and from the time you reach the Brasilia Airport until you depart after your time at the Casa, unless you opt to stay on beyond the period of the tour. I include informal email and telephone follow up for those in need of support after their visit.

Please Contact Us if you would like our support in making a distant healing photo-visit to the Entity, in which the entity connects with you via your photograph and may prescribe energized healing herbs and / or a visit to the Casa for a spiritual intervention. See out tour page for more information.

Divine, unconditional, infinitely abundant love permeates the Casa de Dom Inacio, where John of God gives freely of himself. He has worked thus for over 50 years. Each day at the Casa bears witness that love and complete surrender to the all-powerful Spirit can mean amazing healing for those in need, whether physical, mental or emotional symptoms have manifested or disease has yet to manifest into detectable symptoms.

The philosophy of my tours to John of God is to provide loving support and encouragement to those who join me, using the knowledge and faith I have developed by my own direct experience with the major types of healing treatments that are apparent at the Casa - including both physical and non-physical interventions, sitting in the mediumship current, visiting the sacred waterfall and the use of the crystal baths, the blessed water and the blessed herbs. And the non-apparent, wherein the entities work no matter where one is.

I encourage all who join me to focus their entire visit on the healing process of the Casa, without interference from side tours or the seeking of additional healing techniques, unless with the specific express advice of the entity incorporated in Medium Joao during your stay, and subsequently during the continuing treatments by the spirits after one's departure. Of course, medication and treatments prescribed under the care of a qualified medical professional should be continued.

I suggest that if you feel a need to take advantage of your travel to South America and schedule visits to other places, including those near Abadiania, please schedule those stops before you visit the Casa, not after. The healing process of the Casa is very powerful, and your vulnerability, healing and recovery continue well after you leave Abadiania. I urge all participants to treat oneself as if undergoing major medical treatment requiring a prolonged recovery period. Post Casa travel risks reducing or eliminating the benefits of your visit, and maybe even creating additional problems.

I have found that by completely and patiently surrendering to the Casa process, one's chances of healing without side effects or relapse are maximized. If that is the goal for your journey, and at the same time perhaps to learn something about your Self, the healing process and how to maximize your healing, then please join me as we visit the world of unlimited possibility together. It is an incredible journey, one that will open your eyes, your heart, your soul to all that is possible in this life.

Local Guide Service,
Tours & Photo Visits to John of God
arranged on an as needed basis
(Sean Resides in Abadiania)
please click here for details and costs

Note: I support groups, individuals and families through the travel and Casa process during mutually agreed visits, and will take photos before the entity as well. Photo visits are a powerful way to obtain non-local help with the entities, who are not bound by physical distance or time. These may result in the prescription of blesssed herbs and/or a suggestion to visit the Casa for a local intervention ("invisible surgery").

If you would like further information, to discuss a tour, local guide assistance, or anything else with which I might be of service to you, please Contact Us.

A special note for alcoholics, drug addicts and their family and friends in recovery: There is an Open AA Discussion meeting at the Casa Dom Inacio new soup service area, in English, Monday afternoons at 5:00 PM (17:00) Please look in the Casa main hall near the entrance or at the upper left of the bulletin board at Frutti's for updated information.

Additionally, whenever two or more are in need of support, appropriate support meetings and anonymous sharing sessions are arranged as the need arises. The work of the Casa is a powerful adjunct to the 12-step recovery process that often helps those with relapse issues or risks, and those wanting to take another major step in their spiritual and emotional growth process, another step on the path of recovery. E-mail AA Abadiania

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