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Sean's Experiences of Healing
With John of God and the Entities
A story of healing, of avoiding fixed expectations, and of adhering to Casa protocols

Joao in Entity

I have experienced much healing as a result, I believe, of the healing process at the Casa de Dom Inacio, the loving place in Brazil where the blessed spiritual entities work through Joao de Deus (John of God) to effect healing of untold thousands of people.

In the following paragraphs I shall use the terms entity or entities to describe the spirits at work either when incorporated in John of God or otherwise.

When I made my first, two-week visit to the Casa, my intention on going there was to get help with a chronic sleep disorder, sleep apnea, which had been under treatment for years using allopathic (conventional) medical approaches. Those approaches treat the symptoms and not the source of the issue, and I hoped to get relief from the issue at its source, so I could terminate the other treatments. I also desired help in knowing my life's purpose in the world and what actions I needed to take next in fulfilling that Purpose - what is God's Will for me? What is my next right step?

During that first visit, I asked many questions and got a few answers, though mostly I was told, as so many are, that I would be given intuition. I also was given the first of many prescriptions for blessed herbs, for visits to the sacred waterfall and for the crystal light baths, and was told that I would have an "operation” on the third day of my visit.

I also was told to sit in the entity's current room, the first of an important series of many days sitting in one of two current rooms, feet and hands uncrossed, eyes closed, hands face up and open, in quiet meditation. Sitting in the current rooms is a critical part of the healing process of the Casa, supporting not only one's own healing process but being as well an act of selfless service and support to Joao, the entities and the other people, providing prayerful healing energy and love to support the work, much like a battery or power line might function. Much of your healing process occurs while sitting in current.

As that first two-week stay progressed, I felt much work going on in me almost continuously. I felt as if I had had a “real” surgery after the spiritual or invisible operation that first Friday – I really needed to spend time recovering. I followed directions as best I understood them, and developed gradually a better understanding of these protocols for maximum benefit over the course of that and many subsequent visits. I knew I would return to the Casa many times after my move to Brazil later that year.

I have been back for my own healing several times since then, and have resided in Abadiania since late 2004. I have learned on these subsequent sessions - now hundreds of days and thousands of hours of healing and supportive mediumship - that the Casa protocols undergo slight adjustments as time goes on, and that we each have our own path. I have also learned by my own experience and by observing that of others that adhering to the Casa protocols is essential to getting the most out of the process.

On my second visit, of three weeks, I had the feeling that my eyes were being worked on during several visits at the sacred waterfall. I felt as if invisible, loving and skilled hands were manipulating my eyes. At the time, I wore strong corrective eye glasses and needed to feel my way along the way to reach the waterfall, for example, when I had removed my glasses. I also had increasing difficulty seeing clearly at night even with my glasses.

Thus, I asked the entity “If my eyes are being worked on, should I remove my glasses or reduce the prescription.” At that time, my distance correction was over 20/400 with moderate astigmatism and significant prismatic correction for crossed eyes. He told me that he "might take my glasses off tomorrow". The next morning I underwent a visible operation - scraping of both my eyes – a surprise that I willingly accepted. The amazing thing was I felt, without pain, and saw the work while in a mild trance-like state, and I am one who has great difficulty tolerating even eye drops! I felt no pain during the surgery, though I had been given no chemical anesthesia.

Over the ensuing time I have sensed on-going work on my eyes and other parts of my body; have had much in the way of emotional/psychological healing, some of which clearly relates to my willingness to see clearly; have had spontaneous physical exercising of my eyes such as clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation of my eyes for prolonged periods while in meditation; and have had many other revelations, synchronicities and other events related to vision, to seeing and accepting my life and the world as it is, and about making changes where necessary so I can really look at my life as it really is.

Subsequently, the entity performed a mystical surgery to “realign his eyes”, to quote the entity's comment to two American medical doctors and a priest who where observing the work. The entity further said during that session that he was doing nothing (he was holding my eye lid open to expose the eye) and that my eye would turn blue. My iris temporarily turned blue from my previously normal medium brown, confirmed by the observers. In the months since then my irises have gradually turned a very light green, currently with a small center section remaining a light brown.

My vision has improved gradually. As of April 2010, 7 years later, with no treatments other than at the Casa, my latest presecirption is 20/250 (vs 20/400-450) in both eyes, and I no longer wear glasses for reading and computer work.

This gradual improvement process is an example of avoiding fixed expectations, wherein one might expect a physical intervention to be always faster at healing than non-physical. Besides the very gradual healing of my physical vision, I have had much clarification of my non-physical "vision", including perhaps the removal of my tendency to wear "rose colored glasses", that is seeing things in an idealized and unrealistic way at times - perhaps also known as denial!

I should have known better, as I had experienced other healings for psoriasis and a chronic knee problem from acupuncture that were virtually instantaneous, after years of symptomatic treatment by the allopathic medical profession. Of course, at the Casa, the operations treat much more than the apparent issue.

My sleep apnea symptoms have also improved gradually, as have the snoring symptoms that go hand in hand. I have verified the latter through audio taping during sleep. The daytime sleepiness associated with sleep apnea have diminished remarkably, despite my having gained a little weight - which often results in degradation of those symptoms.

I am extremely grateful to Joao, the entities, the volunteers of the Casa and God for all of my healing and experiences since I first visited the Casa. I am truly blessed to be able to live in Abadiania, and to participate as a volunteer and guide at the Casa. I have learned a lot about the healing process, the importance of adherence to protocol, surrendering and paying attention to what is going on no matter where I am.

The entity Dr. Augusto told me once when I asked what I should be doing to be of service – “Whatever you do, do with love.” I do my best to do that, and I know that is what truly goes on at the Casa Dom Inacio, where an incredibly powerful love envelopes and heals those who come here, though not always of what one thinks are the most important issues.

During a visit in late 2003, the entity told me I could guide groups to the Casa, and shortly after told me I am a son of the Casa. For some time now I have worked as a medium infinal current room, where the invisible surgeries are performed and where anyone passing the entity stops prior to exiting to the exterior of the current rooms. As a guide, I keep up to date on the Casa protocols and assist those in my group with going through their respective processes during and after their stay - so they can maximize the beneits they get from their visit and afterwards.

I encourage all, no matter your affliction or prognosis, to seek healing at the Casa; to have the incredible spiritual experiences one often has; to trust the process and adhere to protocols; and to be open to the magic that happens for you.

If you would like further information please feel free to contact Sean Durkin at or to visit the web site .

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