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Comments by Others

Thank you Sean for enabling me to have this amazing life-transforming opportunity! I have been feeling truly wonderful since I've returned from Brasil! Although I did not have any illness I felt guided to visit Brasil. The trip has put in motion major synchronicity cycles and I feel very blessed! Our Casa "winged friends" still visit occasionally, and I truly want to return to give back, as I have received so much!
Naomie Poran, PhD - after tour to John of God with Sean

Sean is ...Safe...gentle..No agenda...I’m going to schedule a session right after the show.
Julie King, Company of Angels Radio show, KNRY, during Sean’s on-air interview

Sean’s work is very subtle...throat stress gone...very effective.
Kate Birdsong, Spirit Matters Radio Show, after short treatment during interview

Our last session affected me in a positive way (as always). I had the same “reaction” as the first time (a “chaotic” feeling that subsides into a “peaceful” feeling).
Client - Salinas

I was finally able to sleep, very well, after a full week of sleeplessness due to my extreme anxiousness. Thank you very much.
Client - Bali, Indonesia

More pain free than in months..... Strong emotional stuff coming up & releasing...... I could not have made my recent life changes without your support.
Client - Monterey

No more back pain and, surprisingly, no urge to smoke by morning.
Client - Monterey after months of conventional and chiropractric back treatment

I slept for 2 1/2 days after our first session. Thank you.
Accident Victim - severe trauma, multiple fractures - CHOMP Convalescent Center - Monterey.

Your Session helped my client break through.
Psychotherapist - Monterey, after concurrent session

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